Friday, June 21, 2013

A Book Review from Eight Years Ago: Away From You by Melanie Finn

I just read a beautiful book, a hauntingly beautiful book, that made me think about so much I can barely bring my thought process back around.

For some reason I've always been beguiled by Africa.  And these days race has become a major part of my life. The book is called Away from You by Melanie Finn. It is about Africa. It is about legacy. It is about putting the pieces of your history back together and letting go. Th is a really poor Reader's Response.

I  escape to books. They help me catch perspective.  They help me grow as an individual.

I think I am secretly--no, openly--in love with Barnes and Nobles and its odd green carpet. I don't even mind how uncomfortable it is to sit with a shelf poking into my back.

The details in this book are really quite astounding, affecting.

The words throbbed and lingered inside my head.  Even as I numbed myself with my IPod.

I love how concise the author is. She uses her words sparingly. It is like she collects and polishes only the good ones.

pg. 217
"The stories he tells me of his life, the words weave a cloth that binds me and anchors me. The words are my way home to Peter who sits at the kitchen table and loves so patiently.  What we share of ourselves, what we speak and give is not enough. But we are only the dust of stars and it is all we have to keep from blowing away."

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