Saturday, October 19, 2013

On Being Away, On Returning

I have been the world's most delinquent book blogger.  I'm on goodreads and from time to time I write a review.  I can throw out excuses.  Grad school and law school, the bar exam, trying to meet new people, crafting a new life.  I can easily spin together some sentences to explain why I took such a long break from writing and pontificating about books.

But the truth is: deep down I was always disappointed with myself. I have ravenously read library books. And the desire to write about these books was always present, just pushed down.  The desire to use language to script my own thoughts and feelings and appreciation for  books has never departed.

The two most enduring loves of my life are stories and language. Nothing makes me happier than wrapping myself in an unfolding story and relishing well-composed sentences.  I love to linger inside a story, savoring the words and events that carry me forward towards fulfillment. Reading and writing are the acts that connect me most fully to the truest version of myself. And so it is imperative that I return. To writing about books and writing about so many of the other thoughts that tumble through my head.

I'm so excited to return to being Marnes and Noble.  

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